Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy You!

I offer professional meditation sessions at your home, office or hotel. I also partner with studios in Kensington and Chelsea by arrangement, so you can visit me for a truly invigorating zen experience or take part in one of my classes!

Opt for a particular style of meditation or experiment with a range of styles tailored to your mind, lifestyle and mood.

(A surcharge of £10 is added for each additional participant in a private session)



Zazen meditation is an ancient tradition of Buddhist mindfulness that encourages you to connect with the power of the present moment. Rather than dwelling on the past or dreading the future, zazen meditation helps you to move your energy and focus into the here and now so that you can truly make the best of each and every moment. Crucial to this process is a lack of judgement as you allow feelings, thoughts and sensations to wash over you without resistance. Practitioners often gain a much needed sense of perspective and restore balance and peace to their lives.


Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and function of your body is exists from energy. Body scan meditation and chakra visualisation is a great way to harness your energetic potential to promote healing, happiness and health. During your guided session, you will envisage energy flowing through the pranic power houses of your body, releasing tension, removing blockages and leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed. Body scan and chakra work is an empowering technique to get in touch with your body as you drift into the calm tranquil waters of self-care.


If you find yourself trapped in a negative mindset, feeling that the world is frightening, uncaring or simply indifferent, metta meditation is for you. This healing form of meditation encourages you to cultivate powerful feelings of love, kindness and peace in an immersive epiphany of joy, compassion and self acceptance. As you view yourself and others through the eyes of love you can discover new ways of responding to the negative around you, and forge new and better connections with yourself and the world.